MedPAC Meets

Last week the Medicare Payment Advisory Commission met in Washington, D.C. to discuss a number of Medicare payment issues.

Among the issues on MedPAC’s October agenda were:

  • Medicare Advantage benchmark policy
  • indirect medical education:  current Medicare policy, concerns, and principles for revising
  • the evolution of Medicare’s advanced alternative payment models
  • vertical integration and Medicare payment policy

MedPAC is an independent congressional agency that advises Congress on issues involving the Medicare program.  While its recommendations are not binding on either Congress or the administration, MedPAC is highly influential in governing circles and its recommendations often find their way into legislation, regulations, and new public policy.  Because so many patients of private safety-net hospitals are insured by Medicare, MedPAC’s deliberations are especially important to those hospitals.

Go here for links to the policy briefs and presentations that supported MedPAC’s discussion of these issues and here for a transcript of the proceedings.

MedPAC Delivers Annual Report to Congress

The Medicare Payment Advisory Commission has issued its annual report and recommendations to Congress.

The major issues addressed in the report include:

  • implementing a unified payment system for post-acute care
  • reforming Medicare payment for drugs under Part B
  • redesigning the merit-based incentive payment system (MIPS) and strengthening advanced alternative payment models
  • using premium support for Medicare
  • the relationship between clinician services and other Medicare services
  • payments from drug and device manufacturers to physicians and teaching hospitals in 2015
  • the medical device industry
  • stand-alone emergency departments
  • hospital and skilled nursing facility use by Medicare beneficiaries who reside in nursing facilities
  • the role of Medicare policy in provider consolidation

To learn more about MedPAC’s annual report to Congress, see this MedPAC news release, this fact sheet, and the report itself.