The nation’s state Medicaid directors have offered their perspectives to the federal government on how to modernize and regulate state Medicaid managed care programs.

In a paper entitled “Medicaid Managed Care Modernization:  Advancing Quality Improvement,” the National Association of Medicaid Directors urges the Centers for Medicare Services (CMS) to work with the states to develop quality reporting measures that are both useful and not overly burdensome.

law booksThe association also asks CMS to leave decisions about accrediting requirements for state Medicaid managed care programs in state hands and not to establish a national quality rating system for Medicaid managed care plans.

The regulation of Medicaid managed care plans is especially important to the nation’s private safety-net hospitals because they care for so many Medicaid patients and managed care has become the primary means through which state Medicaid programs serve those patients.

Learn more about Medicaid directors’ recommendations for improving and regulating state Medicaid managed care programs in this National Association of Medicaid Directors correspondence with the Center for Medicaid and CHIP Services.