In a letter to Congress, ASH has expressed its support for H.R. 2665, the Supporting Safety-Net Hospitals Act.

The bill would delay implementation of an $8 billion cut in Medicaid disproportionate share (Medicaid DSH) payments to hospitals scheduled to take effect in FY 2024, pushing that cut back to 2027.

In its letter to members of Congress ASH wrote that

Community safety-net hospitals everywhere are reeling from the demands created by the COVID-19 crisis and from continued sky-rocketing increases in operating costs. Beginning in 2024, the Medicaid DSH program will be subject to an $8 billion reduction every year through 2027. Hospitals that treat disproportionate levels of Medicaid patients often operate with extremely slim margins and have very few resources in reserves, so any cuts to the Medicaid program challenge their ability to continue serving their communities. An $8 billion cut to this essential program will dramatically jeopardize access to health care in vulnerable communities across the country.

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