The number of uninsured Americans is falling, according to a new survey taken by the Commonwealth Fund.

As the foundation reports,

The uninsured rate for people ages 19 to 64 declined from 20 percent in the July-to-September 2013 period to 15 percent in the April-to-June 2014 period. An estimated 9.5 million fewer adults were uninsured. Young men and women drove a large part of the decline: the uninsured rate for 19-to-34-year-olds declined from 28 percent to 18 percent, with an estimated 5.7 million fewer young adults uninsured. By June, 60 percent of adults with new coverage through the marketplaces or Medicaid reported they had visited a doctor or hospital or filled a prescription; of these, 62 percent said they could not have accessed or afforded this care previously.

Learn more about the survey’s results, including who is obtaining insurance, what kind of insurance they are getting, and how they are using their new health care coverage from an issue brief and charts that can be found here, on the Commonwealth Fund’s web site.