Delay Medicaid disproportionate share (Medicaid DSH) cuts for two years, the Alliance of Safety-Net Hospitals has requested in a message to members of Congress.

Noting that Medicaid DSH payments are “… a vital tool for helping safety-net hospitals care for the residents of the generally low-income communities they serve,” ASH explained that

The prospect of these cuts has been looming over safety-net hospitals across America for several years and the possibility that they would take effect has made it difficult for safety-net hospitals to plan effectively and make certain their ability to serve their communities as they long have.

The Medicaid DSH cuts have been scheduled for some time now but have been delayed by Congress and were most recently scheduled to take effect on October 1 and now, absent congressional action, will take effect upon the end of the current continuing resolution, which expires on November 17.

In its letter, ASH asks Congress to enact a two-year delay as part of its next spending bill.

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